Janine Graubaum

Janine Graubaum is a directress and photographer in the automotive, people, lifestyle and documentary fields. She lives and works in Berlin.Born in 1984 in the GDR and raised in a car-orientated family with Trabant garage and car dealerships, the automotive theme accompanied her from an early age. As a child, she was fascinated by the heavy tools and vehicles; the roughness, metallic and atmospheric nature of the „East“. These atmospheres impressed her well into her adulthood. As a photographer, she travelled through Eastern Europe again and again and dedicated her first photo book KOSMOS TRAIN to the old Eastern European trains and their passengers; for which she received many awards. Professionally, Janine moves between two poles: On the one hand, her free documentary images with an unvarnished view of reality. On the other hand, the staging in her commercial works. Two different approaches, which she separates from each other and yet draws insights from both that cross-fertilise each other.


Photographer / Director
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